Item: Broccoli Florets
Size: 56 Oz, 3 LB 8 Oz, 1.58 kg
Brand: Birds Eye Foods



1) Place 1/4 package in microwave safe dish. ADD 2 tablespoons water (1/4 cup water for 1/2 package).
2) Cover and microwave on HIGH 6-7 minutes* (10-12 minutes* for 1/2 package); stir halfway through cooking.
3) Drain.

(Microwave ovens vary in power, adjust cooking time accordingly.)


1) Place 1/4 package in saucepan. ADD 1/4 cup water (1/2 cup for 1/2 package).
2) Bring water to a full boil over HIGH heat, separating broccoli with a fork.
3) Reduce heat to MEDIUM-HIGH; cover and simmer 5-6 minutes* (11 minutes* for 1/2 package), stirring occasionally.
4) Drain.

*For food safety and best quality, cook to a temperature of 160F.



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Category: Food/Drink
EAN: 0014500012692
UPC 12: 014500012692
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Last modified: Monday, 14-Jun-2010 03:48 AM ET
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