Item: Ultra Bleach - Color Safe
Size: 49.20 oz
Brand: Clorox 2


1. Select a water temperature. 2. Begin filling washer. 3. Add Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent before adding clothes. Use 1/2 cup for: large loads or large sized washers or heavily soiled loads. Use 2/5 cups for: regular/ small loads or regular sized washers. Same size as a detergent scoop. Follow garment care label instructions when washing clothes. Avoid pouring Ultra Clorox 2 directly on fabric as blue spotting may occur. To help remove blue spots, soak garment in white vinegar no more than 30 minutes. Colorfastness test: If in doubt about a garment, use the following test: Dissolve 1 tsp. Ultra Clorox 2 in 1 cup hot water. Soak a hidden area of the garment in the solution for 1 minute. Rinse and let dry. The garment is safe for washing if color does not fade or bleed. Pre-soaking: Make sure garments are colorfast. Separate whites and pastels from bright and dark colors. Fill washer with hottest water temperature recommended by the garment label instructions. Dissolve 3/4 cup of Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent in the wash water and add garments. Pre-soak bright and dark colors for 30 minutes. All other garments pre-soak for an hour, or overnight for best results. Drain wash water, refill and wash as usual with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Stain Removal Guide: General Tips: time and heat can permanently set stains. Wash as soon as possible with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Tough stains may require a second treatment before drying. Greasy food, make up, ink: Presoak with Ultra Clorox 2 or pre-treat with Liquid Clorox 2. Then, wash as usual with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Ground-in dirt, perspiration: Pre-soak for 1 hour or overnight. Wash as usual with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Grass, baby formula, coffee/tea: Rinse in warm water, then pre-soak and wash as usual with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Blood: Rinse with cold water, then pre-soak and wash as usual with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Chocolate: Rinse in warm water, then wash as usual with Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Color Care Guide: Dye Transfer: Some fabric dyes may run and damage your laundry. Always separate whites and pastels from bright and dark colors before washing. If dye transfer has already occurred, do not dry. Instead, immediately rewash the affected garment in Ultra Clorox 2 and detergent. Fading: Disinfectant agents in your municipal water supply may cause fading over time. Add Ultra Clorox 2 to every washload, The color safe bleach in Ultra Clorox 2 removes damaging agents and helps brighten your entire wash. Whitening: Ultra Clorox 2 is ideal for whitening garments like striped shirts and socks. To keep clothes clean and white, pre-soak with 3/4 cup Ultra Clorox 2 and then wash as usual. Brightening: Add Ultra Clorox 2 to every washload to replenish brightening agents removed from clothes during normal wear and washing.


Cleaning Agents ( Surfactant, Enzyme), Color Safe bleach ( Sodium Perborate), Water Softeners ( Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Silicate), Fabric Whitening Agent and Fragrance.

Additional details:

Avoid eye contact. Do not ingest. Eyes: Flush immediately with water for 15 minutes.
If swallowed: Drink a glassful of water. Call a physician. Keep out of reach of children.
Caution: Eye irritant. Harmful if swallowed.
Category: Household
EAN: 0044600030982
UPC 12: 044600030982
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Last modified: Monday, 23-Aug-2010 6:16 PM ET
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