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Get your own bar code scanner for only $149 from A T Guys and unlock the power of BC Scan.

BCScan is a new way to organize your life. By using bar codes found on practically anything you buy, you can identify products, share product directions and information, and inventory items in your house.

How it Works

The main page on BCScan includes a box for you to scan items. Using a bar code scanner, place your cursor in the box and scan the item. With most scanners, you will hear a beep, and the page with the item information will be displayed. We get our information from a variety of sources including online stores, online UPC databases, DirectionsForMe, and many others. There is never a charge for a database update.

Additional Features

You can create a free account to use some advanced features. First, instead of just scanning items, you can add them to a personal list which you can view later. We track the number of times you scan each item. Go to the "View my Inventory" link to see your complete list and make changes. You can also submit updates to the database for items that we don't have listed.

While logged in, you can also add personal notes to an item. These will be displayed as a part of your inventory or when you scan the same item again.

More to Come

Please check back often, as we will be adding more features in the coming months. Bar codes are a powerful tool, and we welcome you to the world of BCScan.

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