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Get your own bar code scanner for only $149 from A T Guys and unlock the power of BC Scan.

Welcome to BC Scan, a new way to organize your life. This site allows you to use a bar code scanner to retrieve product information on millions of items.

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Latest News

Our most affordable Scanner Yet!

Purchase the Metrologic Quantum Scanner from A T Guys. This version is especially customized for use with BC Scan.

Bar Code Finder 2.0 is a free Windows app that now works with Directions for Me and includes several new features. Learn about it on our software page.

BC Scan is proud to partner with DirectionsForMe, a service of Horizons for the Blind. This adds packaging information and directions for over 360,000 items to the site and greatly increases the free information that is provided.

Download the manual for this scanner and its use with BC Scan

Check out the free BC Scan app version 2.0 for Window-Eyes which works directly with the BC Scan site and supports Directions for Me.

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About BC Scan

BC Scan is a free service that allows you to organize, catalog, learn about, and manage your groceries, CDs, movies, household products, medications, or just about anything else. It works using a bar code scanner and databases including over 10 million products.

When a bar code on an item is scanned, BC Scan will check databases containing millions of items for the product and tell you what it is. You can add products to your personal inventory, add notes, or contribute additional information. It's great for the visually impaired person who needs to identify a canned good or for anyone who wants to better organize their life.

Things you could do with BC Scan:

Learn more about BC Scan and its features

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