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Available Software

Get your own bar code scanner for only $149 from A T Guys and unlock the power of BC Scan.

BC Scan is more than just a website. Not only can you use BC Scan on the web, you can use the software programs below to retrieve and add information to the site.

Bar Code Finder 2.0

Written by Nick Stockton, Bar Code Finder is a Windows program which will retrieve bar code information and automatically speak the results when running JAWS, Window-Eyes,, System Access, NVDA, or SAPI speech. No screen reader is required, however. It can be invoked via the Control+Alt+B hotkey or by running the program directly.

Version 2.0 adds support for Directions For Me from Horizons for the Blind. A new history function allows you to retrieve information for the most recently scanned codes. Easily jump between multiple results for the same bar code. Initial support for Bookshare data is included. Try it out using one of the links below.

Note: If upgrading from version 1, uninstall the old version first before installing the new one.

Download the Bar Code Finder installer
Download the Bar Code Finder portable version (for flash drives, etc.)
BC Scan Window-Eyes App

The BC Scan app for Window-eyes 7.2 or newer offers a simple interface to the site. Press Alt+Insert+B to bring up a box where you can scan an item or type in a bar code. The product information will be spoken within a couple seconds. Version 2.0 adds support for information from Directions for Me.

Visit the App information page

If you know of additional software which works with this site or are interested in developing your own, please send us a note.

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